Masked Maxx

A brutal warrior of the post-apocalypse, Masked Max roams the barren wasteland. For what exactly, he can’t remember since his brain hasn’t functioned as well since the bombs fell. It also explains why he put his mask on too tight and can’t take it off.  Inspired by low budget post-apocalypse movies of the 80’s, Clive Barker’s Cenobites and medieval armor, Masked Max would look great on your toyshelf in between your Madballs and He-Man action figures.

Granny Grunt

A nasty neighbor with an even nastier head of hair, local children still aren’t sure if she’s a reanimated corpse or if she just needs a bath and a trip to the salon. Either way, it’s best to avoid her house and DEFINITELY don’t take any candy from her! Inspired by Edith Massey from John Waters movies, Mrs. Steve from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and the ancient tale of the Baba Yaga, Granny Grunt will enjoy scowling at you from your toy shelf.  

Nasty Noggins are 3.5″ – 4.75″ tall soft vinyl figures produced by Mile High Sofubi, sculpted by David White and designed by David DeGrand. Part of the Nasty Noggins toyline created by David DeGrand and Vincent Scala

Click here to purchase the first two Nasty Noggins designed by Vincent Scala!